101 things I learned from making 101 prints, Part 2

I know. This list should have been 3, 5, 7, or 10 long. Not 101.

20 a day is a ton. 101 total is waaaay too many. people who like art, however, and thus, my website, are smarter and sexier than average. I have faith.

Don’t worry, most of these are mere trifles, and won’t require any thought.

There may be one or two hidden in there that have some nuggets of wisdom…

Without any more waiting, continuing from the first 20 things I learned,

20 more things I learned by making 101 Woodblock Prints

  1. Someone else might like most what you like least.
  2. Photograph your art during the day, in the morning, when you have the most natural light available. Indoor lighting is awful for photos.
  3. Give a print a night or two before pasing judgment. It might look better in the morning. Or worse. Either way, give it time.
  4. The color will look darker when it is printed than it does on the palette. Context changes how things appear.
  5. If you leave your computer on to take notes/post to twitter/whatever, you are gonna get ink on the keys
  6. If you are not careful opening ink jars and getting ink out, it will splatter, and your walls will look like a Jackson Pollock painting
  7. Order a LOT more transparent medium than anything else.
  8. People will take pictures of your apartment if you hang your art in the window to dry.
  9. Good ink is worth the extra 15 bucks a jar
  10. I need better brayers.
  11. Cotton rag paper isn’t the best for relief printing, even if it looks nice. Get washi.
  12. Do people care about what goes into making art? I don’t know.
  13. Watching TV in the background will just slow you down.
  14. Listening to audio books won’t slow you down.
  15. Listening to heavy metal will speed you up.
  16. Especially if it is Slayer.
  17. Especially if it is “Reign in Blood“, Slayer’s fastest album (210 beats per minute average!)
  18. Don’t cut corners.
  19. Also, don’t carve corners (or yourself).
  20. And definitely don’t ink the corners.

Curious what the next 20 lessons are? Click to read numbers 41 through 60, amigo. You can also read numbers 61 through 80, muchahco!

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