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Go Read Hansi’s Blog, Hallucinations Optional

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Little Hansi has started his own website to share Hansi’s Hallucinations.

Hansi is better known as frequent BDD commenter “Your Dad”, which he comments as because he is, actually, my dad. As in, he supplied me with the Y-Chromosome that I appreciate so much.

I set him up with a shiny new WordPress blog while down in SoCal for Thanksgiving, so he can share his random thoughts about random things (why he loves Sarah Palin, his disdain of stoopid english, how diapers have kept the Chinese from converting to Christianity, and the more-than-I-ever-wanted-to-know-about-my-dad Reptile Dysfunction ).

He also draws real neat pictures, and those are neat and fun to look at, and I think you would think it is neat to look at them too.

Goodness gracious, what have I released upon the world?

Vote for!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

This post is a quick break from all of the posts talking about Web Art, I’ll return you to that regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

I submitted one of my websites,, into a WordPress design contest over on Please take a few seconds to vote for my site.

I love to design websites using WordPress, because it is a very flexible and adaptable framework to build sites off of. It isn’t perfect for everything, but it is fantastic for a lot of things. I’ve spent quite a while really understanding how WordPress works, and put a lot of that knowledge to use with

I’m very proud of that site, I think it has a clean layout and effectively promotes the most important content on the site. I spent a lot of time working to make sure the sight had all of the information it needed, and also wasn’t cluttered.

CLICK HERE to vote for the website

After you click, scroll down the page till you see OnlyTheValiant, check the button right next to it, and click on VOTE.

It takes less than a minute, and is a great way to support my design work. Thank you!

If you are interested in more of my thoughts on the design of OTV, I wrote up some of my thoughts on my personal blog. The design of my personal blog is incomplete (ie. non-existant), but the content is there: OTV Design Considerations.