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Mind, Body, Heart – In Revolt!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

I managed to get sick late last week. It’s been a slow-burn kind of sick, not completely debilitating, but making my body feel bad. I’m behind on health.

I’m also behind on work for DayJob, which has been the state of affairs for pretty much the last 2 months.

I’m also behind on making these little skater prints. The 4th is ready to print, but I haven’t found time to get to it, especially since I am teaching myself to make videos while I work. Video complicates things.

naked aggression

Like a naked aggression inside of me, pulling in different directions.

These 3 are pulling me in different directions – my body wants me to stop and do nothing (or just play video games and eat soup), my mind wants me to go to work and finish my projects, and my heart wants to be printing and emitting more stuff into the world.

This “balance” is a pain to figure out.

I put “balance” in quotes because what I mean by balance is more of a scheduling issue than an emotional issue. When people speak of “balance”, I hear them mostly talking about emotional balance. In other words, not being obsessed.

Obsession is just the way I roll.

Anyway, it turns out the mind is right, I need to get my work done (something about getting a paycheck).

Eventually I’ll be completely caught up, and be able to work to my heart’s content.

Fine Art also loses Round 2; Balance is a Sucker’s Bet

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I lost last week’s productivity to DayJob. I have been busy as an engineer, solving the drinking water problems of California.

I thought I would be able to catch up last week, and be on track this week. Turns out this isn’t the case. I was busy again this week, partly with work, partly with important personal business.

The real difficulty I am running into is the so called “balance” between my DayJob and my ambition to create and sell art.

I like doing a good job at work. That takes time, and it takes energy. DayJob requires about 10-1/2 hours per day, from when I get dressed in the morning till I get home and change out of my slacks and tie.

On top of the time, I am mentally drained after a day of work. This is why I started to dedicate an hour every morning to writing (at least, when I am not leaving early to work, as I have the last couple weeks).

I am freshest in the morning, so I give an hour of my best time to myself, before I give 8 hours to BossMan.

Balance is a Myth

There is a common meme around the internet (and in real life) that it is good to “balance” work life with hobbies and other activities. “Balance” is a healthy way to accomplish the things you want to do, and still maintain a decent day job.

They are wrong. The problem isn’t to “balance” the day job with art.

The truth is, the “balance” to a hard day’s work is relaxing at home, eating a good dinner, drinking a beer or a glass of wine (or 3), and relaxing with your family/girlfriend/whatever.

If I didn’t have ambition, I’d be “balancing” out this long work week by drinking beer, playing Call of Duty on my Xbox, and maybe hanging out with a girlfriend that suited the bill.

Irrational Drive is the real kick

I rely on irrational drive to convince me to get up at 6am every day to write, to work every other Friday night instead of going out, and to work on art every night after crunching through problems all day at work.

Balance does nothing to compell me to keep working.

Irrational Drive is what keeps me pushing to work what is essentially 2 full time jobs, in search of fortune and glory.

The trick is to develop my irrational drive into a monster, a force of nature, that compels me to continue to work, beyond when the “balanced” person does.