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Safety First!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Work on my comic is proceeding in a precessionary manner.

I’m in the middle of the coloring process, and it is going quite slowly. In the 10 mornings that I have worked on this book in April, I have finished coloring three pages. It’s a slow process.

For the first week and a half of April I was flatting the book, which was excruciating, until I got a tip to use the BPelt plugins, which sped things up a bit. Flatting was still a long process, even with the plugin, due to my sloppy ink work. I’ll tell you, I think I’ve learned as much about inking from coloring the book, as I have from the inking itself.

I’m not going to share the page I finished today, I want to keep some of the story under wraps after all.

Instead, I’ll share this neat safety procedure that I had to whip up for the background of a couple panels.

Moon Safety

On the moon, safety is critical. If your suit has any leak in it, the suit will decompress, as will you.

Lunarch Corp does not want to lose any workers due to any sort of safety accident, hence the double check procedure. You check every seam in your suit, then one of your teammates checks all of the seams again, to make sure it is properly sealed.

100% Safety record is the Lunarch standard!

Moonside Seal Check Procedure

Safety Is Job Number One

Moon Bases

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

making more progress.

I’m neck deep in the coloring process, which is very time consuming and difficult. Color selection and color application are pretty hard to wrap my head around. I’m reasonably pleased with the results, but as always, have a long way to go.

Here’s page 3:

Moonside Decision Page3

Page 3

I’ve been learning a ton as I go. Six pages to go.

Once More, With Color

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

You may remember my previous post showing off page 2 of the 8-page comic book story I’m working on.

I have it inked and lettered, but that means it is just black and white line art, with no color, light, shadows, or anything of the sort.

I started the coloring last week. It has been a long, painful process, where I have really learned that I hate coloring comics.

The show must go on though, and I finished coloring the second page today.

Here it is!


Moonside, completed page 2

This is the last step in the creative process for this thing, and I will hopefully complete it in another week or three.

Page 2

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Progress is coming along with the 8-page comic I’ve been working on.

The entire thing is inked and scanned, now it is a matter of doing all of the digital work that goes into a comic, the coloring, lettering, and digital processing. Once the page is drawn and inked, that’s only about half the work done, as I am finding out.

I’m heading down to Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend, and I’d like to have something to show my friends, so I’m lettering this thing up before I get to the colors.

It won’t be complete, but it will at least be a black and white version of the story, with all of the word balloons inserted.

Here’s a preview:

Decision page 2 Sean Neprud

Page 2

I’ve got pages 1 through 3 lettered, but I don’t want to reveal pages 1 and 3 until the whole thing is ready to be read. I don’t want to give away too much about the story.

And for those keeping track, yes, the hour of Mr. Deckerson’s wake up call is a little shout out to my #HOVD homies.

More Moon Van

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Commute’s over.

Get back to work.

Moon Van

More Moon Van

Still working on comics, it is going slowly, but steadily. This panel took me almost 3 hours to ink.

8 pages is the goal. 5 pages inked, 2 pages ready to ink, preliminary pencils done on the last page. I still have coloring and lettering to go when that’s all done too.

Making Comics

Monday, February 25th, 2013

I haven’t made a comic book since I was 12 years old.

Something’s not quite right about that, so I’m fixing it.


Comic book pages in the wild.

I decided I wanted to do this project last year, a little before San Diego Comic-Con. I go to Comic-Con every year, and every year, I leave both inspired to create something, and a little dejected, because I haven’t created something.

I decided last year that I would fix that before San Diego Comic-Con in 2013.

My goal was to get one page done a week. With all the extra set backs that are always a part of any project, I figured I could complete a thirty-two page comic in a year.

I started out strong, got one page pencilled and inked, and a second page pencilled. Then I sorta… fell behind. Stopped completely may be how some people would describe what happened.

About a month ago, I started up work again. Thanks to the #HOVD crew, I’m getting about a page a week done again. Four pages in the bag, with a fifth started.

(More on HOVD in the future. Short version: it’s amazing.)

I’m starting simple, an 8-page story. When I get that done, I’ll do another. When I get that done, I’ll do another.

These stories are sacrifices to the deities of comic creation, they are hungry for terrible pages by young artists, which they which to chew and grind, rend, and tear, until the artist stops creating terrible pages, and starts making good pages.

My story is about a guy with a lousy job, and his dreams for something completely different. To make it more fun and exciting, I set it in the future. On the moon.

I like the moon, after all. Who doesn’t. Plus, with it taking place on the moon, I get to draw cool stuff, like this Moon Van I drew this morning.

Moon Van

At least on the Moon the company gives you a ride to work

Yup. Pencil. White correction fluid. Coffee stains. Making comics is not a clean, tiny endeavour.

More coming on this in the (near) future, of course.

The Working Dead

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

It might be a bit telling that during a conference call yesterday, I doodled this in my daily planner.

The Working Dead Ink Drawing

The Working Dead Ink Drawing

During the meeting I did a quick pencil doodle, and inked it in during my lunch break.

Let’s back up.

Yesterday morning, my alarm went off at 6:30 am, like it always does. In my haze of half-sleep, my first thought was, “why is my alarm going off on Saturday?”

When I realized it was only Wednesday morning, I thought something might be a bit off. I’m been pretty burnt out with the Day Job, and realized I needed a few days away. I looked at my schedule, and realized I could take a couple days off, and so here I am, resting up, and having a “mental health” day, as my Dad would say.

Also gives me time to post again here, and work on a “proof of concept” for an idea I’ve had brewing.

Oh, hey! Now things are looking up!

Nerak, the greatest hero of all

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

So DC Comics relaunched their entire line of comics with 52 new #1 issues this month. Cool. I like DC Comics.

There is a survey on their new 52 comics that folks can participate in. Except they list 53 comics in the list of comics they released.

The new addition is “Nerak”, and it is a dummy entry, to see if people are paying attention, or if they are just blindly clicking.

But what if it was real?

If it were real, this would be my favorite panel from it (I whipped this up on my lunch break, after reading this post at the Beat.

Nerak respects women, but can't be swayed from his mission

Nerak respects women, but can't be swayed from his mission

It’s a spoof on the amount of sexual content in the recent DC books, and I managed to include the strange hooded lady that appears in all of the new 52 comics.

Drawing the Sierras

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I went on a big old long backpacking trip for a week.

I managed to carry a pad of paper and pencils along with me, in addition to clothes, food, sleeping bag and tent (and various other required sundries).

We were in the Eastern Sierra.

I decided to steal an idea from my dad, and combine my notes and my drawings into a single page.

It turns out that most days, I was pretty beat after a day of hiking, and didn’t have a ton of time or energy for much other than setting up camp, getting fed, and falling asleep.

I did get a couple days of drawing in. This first is from the first night:

Big McGee Lake Pencil Drawing

Big McGee Lake Pencil Drawing

This second is after a couple days of hiking, we had a short day climbing up into Pioneer Basin:

Pioneer Basin Upper Lake Pencil Drawing

Pioneer Basin Upper Lake Pencil Drawing

Woman And Circles

Monday, August 1st, 2011

I was at San Diego Comic-Con last week, and it got the illustration juices flowing again.

One of the best parts about Comic-Con for me is being able to talk to the creators about their work, their process, etc.

Whipped this out yesterday.

Woman and Circles

Woman and Circles

I picked up some colored pens at San Diego Comic-Con last week, this is my first time putting them through the ringer.

I’m messing around with using the pens for the drawing outline, and the colored pencils for the color.