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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Progress is coming along with the 8-page comic I’ve been working on.

The entire thing is inked and scanned, now it is a matter of doing all of the digital work that goes into a comic, the coloring, lettering, and digital processing. Once the page is drawn and inked, that’s only about half the work done, as I am finding out.

I’m heading down to Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend, and I’d like to have something to show my friends, so I’m lettering this thing up before I get to the colors.

It won’t be complete, but it will at least be a black and white version of the story, with all of the word balloons inserted.

Here’s a preview:

Decision page 2 Sean Neprud

Page 2

I’ve got pages 1 through 3 lettered, but I don’t want to reveal pages 1 and 3 until the whole thing is ready to be read. I don’t want to give away too much about the story.

And for those keeping track, yes, the hour of Mr. Deckerson’s wake up call is a little shout out to my #HOVD homies.

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Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Commute’s over.

Get back to work.

Moon Van

More Moon Van

Still working on comics, it is going slowly, but steadily. This panel took me almost 3 hours to ink.

8 pages is the goal. 5 pages inked, 2 pages ready to ink, preliminary pencils done on the last page. I still have coloring and lettering to go when that’s all done too.