New Print: Driven, and Operation: Night Fire.

Hot off the press (ie. my work station) is this brand new print. Or brand old print, if you’ve been keeping tabs here.

Anyway, I printed the edition, and have a nice new stack of prints. They look delightful!

Here’s the regular version:

Driven, 4x6 woodblock print

Driven, 4x6 woodblock print

The name of the print is Driven. I tried to make this image a reflection of how it feels to be compelled by something that you don’t quite feel like you have control over. Or it is a cool picture of a dude with a gear instead of a brain. Or maybe it is a comment on our modern times, except replace “modern times” with “industrial revolution”.

That’s the thing with art. You get to decide what it means to you, I just get to be the supplier.

Speaking of supply and demand and commerce and all things great about America, these will be on sale! Soon.

I just want to finish up this series of prints first.

This also means that this print is the first in a series of related prints. I started printing the next one yesterday, plan to finish it up this week.

I decided that I like working in series, so a lot of the work for Operation: Night Fire is being done as a series.

Operation: Night Fire

I function pretty much in binary. I’m either doing nothing, or scheming. Operation: Night Fire is my latest scheme. And it’s a good one. Ambitious. Waaaaay too much work. But, hey, it’s either that or do nothing. Like I said, binary.

I can’t quite tell you what Operation: Night Fire is quite yet, because I’ve learned not to explain my schemes until they’re already complete.

(You’d think I would have learned this from Ozymandias all those years ago when I first read Watchmen, but I didn’t)

So, clearly I let slip that Operation: Night Fire exists, the time isn’t right to fill you in on the details though. I need to finish it first.

I’ll tell you this, it’s gonna be freakin’ cool.

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