Ye Olde “What I’ve Been Doing” Update

I got new supplies!

new roller

Armed and dangerous with a new roller. Time to do some damage.

A big fat order from McClain’s arrived yesterday.

(I order from them ’cause they’re the best. Seriously. I placed my order late afternoon Thursday, they ship it Friday, it arrives Tuesday)

I got a new roller, which I am very excited about. It is far nicer than the dinky pinky Speedball roller I’ve been using.

Got some clean up supplies, soap and nitril gloves, and most af all, paper. I got a dozen sheets of Shin Torinako washi paper. I used it for the first round of printing of these skater prints I’ve been making, and I needed more to print up the rest of the editions.

Each sheet of the paper can make about 16 or so prints, so I have enough to print up a nice edition of each. I’ll probably make about 15 prints of each block, except block 2, there will be 23.

(I’ve already printed some, and gave some away on Twitter. Follow @BadDeacon on Twitter. You might get free stuff)

Speaking of rollers and paper, I finally got the 4th skater block printed:

skater print 4

Woodblock Print, 4x4 inches, title to be determined

This means you can expect a few things to happen now that these are done:

  • I’ve got an upcoming post discussing what this series of prints was really about. It actually has little to do with punk rock and skateboards, anbd a whole lot to do with deliberate practice (I’ll talk about exactly what that is).
  • I’ll have a video coming out about this 4th print. I filmed the carving and printing of this block, so as soon as teach myself how to edit video, I’ll have that out. Turns out video ads quite a bit of complexity to pretty much everything.
  • These skater prints will be going on sale. They’ll be pretty cheap, about the same price as a sandwich (I like to think of value in terms of food). I’ll probably do a bunch of stuff like make a “buy 3 get the 4th free” promotion, as well as discounts and early sales to people on my newsletter. Sales should begin some time next week.

That’s it for now. Leave a comment and say “hi”.

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