Christmas Comes Early

…when you buy yourself gifts!

I received my order of supplies from McClain’s today. In addition to a selection of about a dozen very small woodblocks and a sample book of Washi papers, I got a set of good ink.

Gamblink Relief Inks

Gamblink Relief Inks

Getting new materials, especially new inks or paints, is hard to explain. It is a bit like getting a new car. Everything you do with them stands out as fresh and new.

I opened up the jars of ink as soon as I got home from work and got to printing. I did not have plans to print a particular run yesterday evening, but I wanted to try out these inks. They are smooth, almost runny. When I rolled out the ink and rolled it onto the block, I was surprised… these inks didn’t feel like they were mixed with oil at all! They feel like they are mixed with butter.

They roll smooth and evenly on the block, and just do what they are supposed to. This is a far cry of difference from the Speedball inks I have been using from the local art store.

I love these new inks, and I am eager to print an edition with them on nice Washi paper (once I finish the 101 Woodblock project early next year).

Quality materials are incredibly important, last night reminded me of that.

= = = = = = = =

On a side note, I highly recommend McClain’s for relief printmaking supplies. Their website is incredibly informative, easy to use and purchase from. Shipping was very fast, my order was in the mail the day after I placed it, and it arrived 2 business days after that. I will be buying a lot of stuff from them in the future.

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