About Bad Deacon Design

Deacon, handsome and charming

Deacon, handsome and charming

I’m Deacon. This site is the home of my art and design projects.

In an effort to be more factual than humble, here are some interesting things to know about me:

  • I am known around the world, not just for my art
  • I am handsome and charming
  • People who own my art are sexier than average

I make art in my small apartment by Union Square, San Francisco. Then I put it up here on this website. You can also buy it. I’m not one of those artists that is tortured and doesn’t like to share his work. I want every person in the world to own a piece of my art. What do you want? I’ll make it.

I’ve lived in San Francisco since 2007, and in the Bay Area since 2000. I moved here after I finished up my B.A. in art from UC Santa Cruz, and made the peculiar decision to get an engineering degree from Berkeley.

Believe it or not, engineering is pretty boring. It is kinda neat to know that if you use the bathroom in Yosemite, your waste goes through my sewage station, and to know that the delicious tap water you drink every day is the result of my handy work. Aside from that though, it isn’t incredibly satisfying. Maybe it is the 9 to 5, wear a tie to work thing, or maybe it is just that it is boring.

Making art is much better.

Check me out in my Old School (ie. College) Printmaking Days

Check me out in my Old School (ie. College) Printmaking Days

I became a printmaker in college. UC Santa Cruz has a well-equipped printmaking studio, and I abandoned painting to take advantage of the facilities. This turned out to be a good thing because it turns out that I really like printmaking. Lithography was my method of choice back in college.

These days I mostly work in Woodblock and Relief Printing, because I don’t have access to the equipment and space required for lithography. When I’m [more] rich and famous I’ll buy a lithography studio.

Printmaking requires as much craft and technical ability as it does artistic ability. That mix appeals to me, and satisfies my creative side and the side of me that likes to design stuff and make stuff work. Printmaking and me are a match made in personal satisfaction heaven.

I do still paint, but that tends to be the medium for my more personal, just-for-me type of art. Maybe if you come over to my studio some day I’ll pull out some of the paintings and show you. Some times I do some web design stuff, and I may even make some web art some day, who knows?

Every print I make is hand made art. Each block is carved by hand, inked by hand, and printed by hand. Each one is an original. Enjoy it.

Now that you have read all about me, here’s some other stuff to do here: